Ceramic Pigments

Ceramic Pigments

Organic Color Pigments

We offer a very broad range of organic pigments that impart transparency and high tinting strength, enabling very vibrant colors. Custom pigment formulations for our customers can be tailored around limited opacity and heat fastness, light fastness, and weather and chemical resistance levels, as required.

Pigments for Porcelain stoneware – Wet Process

This range of colors is composed by inorganic pigment selection especially designed and produced for porcelain stoneware coloration. They give outstanding homogeneity and stability without modifying the firing conditions of the body.

Pigments for Porcelain stoneware – Dry Process

Dry coloration pigments especially adapted for the process of dry coloring of atomized powder of porcelain stoneware. Their dispersion and particle size ensure a successful coloration process.

Pigments for Sanitaryware

Pigments of very high thermal stability that allow long firing times without losing coloration.